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Ask a Librarian
Use this online form to submit questions to the library. Reference staff try to answer questions within 24 hours. You will receive a status update to your inquiry if we are not able to answer it within 24 hours. For best results, please be as thorough as possible in the question field and include any information you may already know.
For immediate assistance, call our Reference Desk at (319) 268-5543.
Text a Librarian

Have a question?  Text-A-Librarian!

Text questions to: (319) 988-1615

Who will answer text messages: 
Reference Department Staff will do their best to answer your questions via text within 24 hours.  After hours text messages and text messages sent during Library closures will be answered the following business day.

What kind of questions can you ask?
You can ask simple, quick questions (up to 160 characters) that can be answered in brief responses (up to 310 characters).  When our response exceeds 160 characters, it appears as two or more messages in your inbox.  Reference Staff will do their best to answer text messages in a single response, but it may be necessary to ask a follow up question or two in order to give you the best response.

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