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Spooky Story Contest Winners


K-3rd Grade Contest Winner: Count Candy by Adele J.

4th-6th Grade Contest Winner: Specter of the Unchecked Pages by Linelle R.

7th-12th Grade Contest Winner: Where by Liam C.

Honorable Mentions:

K-3rd Grade: The Spooky Clown by Baxter C.

4th-6th Grade: The Silent Dawn by Gunner M.

7th-12th Grade: A Scary Story by Ella S.


K-3rd Grade Contest Winner: The Night of the Halloween by Aisley W.

4th-6th Grade Contest Winner: Eye See You by Eleanor B.


K-3rd Grade Contest Winner: The Night of the Werewolf by Aisley W.

4th-6th Grade Contest Winner: Spooky Contest Submission by Jocelyn S.


There's Something in the Attic by Ramona Saavedra-DuBord
Witch's Brew by Quentin Morse

Witch’s Brew
By Quentin Morse, Age 6

Once upon a time there was a witch. She was a nice witch. Not a mean witch.  She had a little, yellow and orange polka-dotted cat named Pumpkin.  And a broomstick. They lived in Halloween town. Their house was a Halloween tower.

One day they were flying and a terrible storm came! Black clouds dropped from the sky. They saw something twisting. They heard the most windest growl in the distance.

Suddenly the broomstick crashed down really hard on the rough, rough ground.  The witch looked up and saw her cat stuck up in a high tree.  Suddenly two friends came. A monkey named Banana and a bird named Flappy.  The witch looked back and saw a tornado in the distance.  A ghost was sucked up into the tornado. Even the grass was sucked up! The witch felt worried. They didn’t have any safe place to go. There were no basements in their Halloween town.

The witch got an idea to make a brew that will turn the tornado into a vampire.  The first ingredient she put in there was rotten toes.  The next thing was dead bats.  And the last thing she put in there was one whole pumpkin head. When the witch threw in the pumpkin head she said “Ziggity, Ziggity, Vampire, Vampire, Zoomy, Zoom!” This is the spell to make a vampire.

Then she quickly threw that brew onto the tornado. The brew went around the tornado.  And suddenly a little silly thing happened. The tornado turned into a head at the top, then it turned into a belly in the middle, and then there was two arms that grew in the middle also, and legs that grew at the bottom of that tornado.  It turned into a vampire! Suddenly the vampire turned into the size of the witch.  He wasn’t a mean vampire, he was a nice vampire.

Then they all got on the broom. Even the nice vampire. They heard a little bit of a noise.  They looked back. The witches face turned sad. They saw a dragon licking his lips and looking at the witch. The witch felt sad and scared. Then the witch felt fire around her. She looked back at the dragon. He was blasting out fire at her. She jumped off her broom, suddenly she was on the ground. The witch looked up at the giant dragon. He was a red dragon with infinity eyes. His skin was dry and spikey. He flew to the witch.  He blasted out fire to the witch. The witch used her magic wand and the fire blasted back at him. The dragon then exploded. The witch said “phew” and wiped her forehead.

Suddenly they heard a little “CRACK”, the broom was cracking! The monkey was holding onto the broom with his tail. The broom split into two!  The broom was coming down and down. The vampire, the bird, and the cat had fallen down.

The monkey was still holding onto the broom.  The monkey was the last to come down. The monkey let go of the broom. Then the broom exploded. It looked deadly.

The witch had another idea. This time it was a potion. She told everyone to throw something in. The bird found 3 sticks, the monkey found 2 bananas, the cat found one milk, and the vampire found a shiny, powerful bat. The witch found 2 lights, 1 star, and 2 long, long sticks.  Suddenly before she threw the star in there she made up a spell “ziggity, zaggity, zoomedity!” She threw in the star and out came a magnificent broom!

The broom was bright, shiny, and golden. Quickly they hopped on. The monkey found and ate his banana. The witch taped her broomstick and whoosh they were off!

And they lived happily ever after.

The next day thousands and thousands of Halloween characters helped build a big, big castle. The witch added a tower and it was haunted. They added a 112 basements for all the people in Halloween town to go to when tornados happen.

The End

*A special word from the author*
“As you get older make stories. It’ll help other people make stories.
BOO! Bye!”

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