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Teen Poetry

You are invited to submit poetry that you have written.  The poems will be reviewed by the YA Librarian before they are posted to the Web site.  Students must be in grades 7-12 to contribute to the poetry web site.  Click >here to submit a poem.
Teen Poems

Name: Anonymous
Grade in School: 9
Poem Title: The Moon

Sometimes I look at the moon,
So beautiful and romantic.
It's gentle pale light floods my window
And it reminds me of love so innocent and sweet.

I often think about love.
I see it in the form of Mom's kisses and Dad's goodnight stories,
Lullabies that are sung by birds at my window every morning,
Holding hands and hugs from behind,
Smiling at a stranger as he walks down the street ...

Now I'm looking at the same moon,
But I don't see it anymore.
Where is the love I used to feel?
It's pale light feels so cold tonight.

But don't worry.
I will sell my soul to the moon
And give it my love,
So you won't be cold tonight
And so I can watch you from above.

Poem Title: Depression

Written by Grace I.

Grade: Junior

It’s the parasite eating away at my personality

The thing that makes you put your head down in the hall

So no one tries talking to you

The thing that makes you smile and say “I’m fine, thank you”

When in reality all you want to do is lay in bed and not think

It’s not thinking too much, it’s not thinking enough

It’s making plans and not following through

It’s the thing that makes you answer “I’m busy”

More like busy in bed not thinking

It’s not wanting to die,

it’s needing to die

It’s the thing that slowly kills you

It’s not for attention,

it’s serious

It’s not sad,

it’s numb.


Poem Title: Panic Attack  

Written by Grace I.

Grade: Junior

They are the worst thing in the world

When you’re alone.

When I am sitting in third period,

Shaking my entire desk,

Eyes about to be niagra falls-

That’s the worst I look at the teacher

About to get up and get a hall pass

Then, I look at my classmates and,

I suddenly I can’t get up

I get up, walk to the teacher,

Still shaking “ALL EYES ON ME” -my depression screams in my ear.

I’m in the hall avoiding everyone I see

Hoping no one stops to talk to me

Get to the bathroom,

Lock the stall,

Ignoring the smell from the girl before me

Who probably ate to many hot tamales the night before.

Tears taking over my sight anxiety taking over my body

Nothing in my brain It stops-

everything I can unlock the stall,

wipe my tears

I can see with my puffy eyes

I can fake a smile again.

Poem Title: Whisper
Written By: Julia C.
Grade: 7th


and listen to the silence that will inspire music,

but beware,

for a song is never truely heard by more than those who experience the patience,

and adrenaline,

of singing as quietly as the moment when you wait for the champion to be announced,

and as loud as the battle cry of the smallest army after the defeat of a too-long feared rulers so whisper,

and hear

Poem Title: Live Life to the Fullest
Written By: Krisha Keeran
Grade: 7th

Life is crazy,

and it is very unpredictable.

It will try to push you over,

kick you while you're down and hit you when you try to get back up.

Listen to your heart,

Follow your dreams,

And don’t let anyone tell you what you are not capable of.

Push the limits,

Bend the rules,

And enjoy every single minute of it.

Laugh at everything,

Live for as long as you can.

Love all,

But trust none.

Believe in yourself,

And never loose faith in others Settle for nothing but only the best,

And give 120% in everything you do.

Take risks,

Live on the edge,

Yet stay safe,

And cherish every single moment of it.

Life is a gift,

Appreciate all the rewards,

And jump on every opportunity.

Challenge everything,

And fight for what you believe in.

Back down to nothing,

But give in to the little things in life,

After all, that is what makes you,


Forget the unnecessary,

But remember everything,

Bring it with you everywhere you go.

Learn something new,

And appreciate criticism.

Hate nothing,

But dislike what you want.

Never forget where you came from,

And always remember where you are going.

Live Life to its fullest,

And have a reason for everything,

Even if it's very insane.

Find your purpose in life.

And always remember,

Live life to the fullest!

Poem Title: Dark Home
Written By: Emma
Grade: 9th

For them there is no sun, no light.

It is always dark.

They have no knowledge of the light,

but they do not fear the light,

they do not hate it.

For when the light reaches them,

they hold out their arms.

The light is afraid of them.

The light is scared.

It believes that those in the dark should be left there.

Once you have lived in the dark you are not the same.

The light knows that.

It has watched people of the light step into the reaches of the dark,

and come out different.

The dark does not know hate,

it only welcomes.

That is what makes the darkness better.

The light demands the truth,

the light offers nothing to those who wish to hide.

The darkness is a home,

a place where no one questions,

a place where there is nothing to see,

nothing to say,

nothing to remember.

But the light begs for those things,

it will rip you apart for those things.

So most stay in the dark.

It is the beautiful form of acceptance.

Poem Title: Nature Walk  
Written By: Sara
Grade: 7th

So cold and musky,

Fresh dew lay on bright green grass.

Bright sun coming up.

Crickets go "chirp chirp",

Frogs rest on green lily pads.

Butterflies wonder Mother calls me in,

Time for school once again.

So long nature walk.

Poem Title: I Know This  
Written By: Krisha K.
Grade: 7th

I know this being the oldest ain’t easy.

All of the high bars set for you to exceed.

I know this

You are a role model to your younger siblings.

What you do is what they will do.

I know this

You need to work hard to maintain a good reputation for yourself.

I think Volunteering is the best way to make you feel happy.

We need to help people who are in need, especially in developing countries.

We need to stop stereotyping people based on their sex, looks and their ethnicity.

But instead value each and every being.

I know that we need to put the guns down.

I know that we should accept people the way they are.

We need love.

We need loyalty.

We need acceptance.

Paint Me Beautiful.

Paint Me Free.

Paint Me Krisha.

I’m a Poet.

Poem Title: Clear Blue Bottle 
Written By: Krisha K.
Grade: 7th

My clear blue bottle glistens in the morning light.

It is as clear as a crystal.

My clear blue bottle shimmers and shines.

The color of the bottle is like the ocean’s waves.

My clear blue bottle reminds me of the never ending sky and beautiful seas.

My clear blue bottle will bestow me with loyalty, trust, wisdom, confidence, truth and heaven.

That is my clear blue bottle.

Poem Title: Remember
Written By: Isabella D.
Grade: 8th

Did you know that there's an ember in remember?

An ember ever burning to be remembered.

An ember with a story, an ember with a life.

Every life should be remembered. 

Poem Title: I Am From
Written By: Elizabeth R.
Grade: 7th

I Am From... ...“hand-me-down” shirts, bobby pins, clothes pins,
and chore lists waiting patiently on the kitchen counter
From flames flickering through the darkness on chilly summer nights,
joyful Masses on Christmas Eve, blessings before every meal,
exceptional grades and last minute studying
From the smell of freshly baked sweets,
the faint scent of coffee brewing softly in the morning,
and the ever-present sound of music drifting through the air
From sappy limbs, dusty gravel roads,
and three-leaved plants that are meant to be left alone
From the heart of an athlete, the lips of a singer,
and the hands of the Lord
From “If you must” and “Spot-Back-Quack,”
“Ring Around the Rosie,” and my well- used stuffed polar bear
From woodwork made from the hands of my father’s father,
and photos of ancestors lining the walls and shelves of every room
For their souls are with me at all times, guarding me as I softly drift to sleep

Poem Title: How Do You Know
Written By: Elizabeth
Grade: 7th

When I look in your sparkling eyes, I feel something.
What is it? That tingling feeling deep inside my heart.
I can't help but smile when you gaze my way.
When you talk, It makes me feel warm and safe.
Do you know? Do you feel the same way?

Poem Title: Break-up Summary
Written By: Marina
Grade: 10th

When you told me goodbye
I didn't know how to take it
I told you I was fine
Even though you knew I faked it
All I could do is
Smile and try to forget what we had
Although down inside me all
I knew I was just sad
The memories haunt me like a whisper in the night
I tried to erase the memories, but my heart put up a fight
You left me alone, so hurt, so breathless
I don't understand how you could of left me
Forget this.
but today I stand so tall and strong
i'm thankful for you and all the wrong
You made me into the person I am today
You let me see everything in a differant way
Without our experiences I would of never thought
That life goes on even when you think not.

Poem Title: Nightmare
Written By: Lily N.
Grade: 9th

Every day
It's the same
Hand on skin
And then the pain
Makeup can only cover so much
Emotional damage
With every touch
Hiding feelings
From a friend
Hoping for
It all to end
One night
At her worst
Hitting me
As if I'm her curse
Can't find
The will to scream
Wishing it was
Just a bad dream
As the light fades
I know it's the end
The last punch is thrown
Goodbye, my friend

Poem Title: Numb
Written By: Lily N.
Grade: 9th

Like picking at the Fraying edge of a paper
You're slowly Breaking my heart
Like plucking all the Petals off a flower
Always ending up with "He loves me not."
Every single word Stings And makes me Feel less Like I can't Love again
Only sit here Numb

Poem Title: Can I Please Be Dreaming?
Written By: Lily N.
Grade: 9th

I'm awake
But I wish I was dreaming
So I could wake up
And it'd be back to you and me
It could all just be
A nightmare
I'd open my eyes
You'd be there to comfort me
She wouldn't be real
She wouldn't have you
But I'm not dreaming
I'm awake

Poem Title: Maybe I Don't Want to Say Goodbye
Written By: Holly
Grade: 7th

So worn down
Dodged plenty of bullets but still hit by a few
Most wounds placed for eternity
Others hard to face.
Never forgetting the frightened feelings
The nightmares of your slumber becoming true
Confidence slithering between your fingers
Becoming nothing more than a memory of failure.
"What did I do?" "Why me"
One of a kind; nobody knows of the pressure
My hoax fooling the brightest of minds...
Maybe I Don't Want To Say Goodbye

Poem Title: Maybe I'm Just Seeing Things....
Written By: Anonymous
Grade: 9th

The symbol for love is a red heart Well mine's all bloody and broken apart
The symbol for love is a red rose Well the one's you gave me are all withered and closed
The symbol for love is a couple holding hands Well our love is gone and my heart is in strands

Poem Title: Waiting
Written By: Christine
Grade: 12th

I sit here wanting, weighed down, wretched.
The others around me are talking as if there is no tomorrow.
When will we learn something significant. For life. For ourselves.
I sit here waiting. For a day where everyone just stays silent. To learn.

Poem Title: Smile
Written By: Jeffrey P.
Grade: 10th

When I am told to smile, I do.
When you tell me to love you, I do,
But when I ask for help from you, where are you?
Are you hiding in my dreams? In my Fears?
When I finnaly find you for what you are, you call me a freak, a thief, and a horrible Son.
So this time around, when you ask me for help, I will turn away, and show you the same amount of love you have always showed me, but sometimes that isnt even enough.
I wish I was Dumb, Deaf, and Blind, so I could hide myself from all of your demanding, melodramtic shit.
I love you so much mother.
I hope when Im gone, you can at least keep your god damn smiles to yourself.

Poem Title: Running
Written By: Teliah W.
Grade: 8th

let me tell you a little thing
i smoke weed to escape from the pain
i suffer so much i feel like im going to die
this pain this pain is eating me alive
will i ever survive ?
crying all night and always being mad
my grandmother called me and told me she was sad
i have my step dad who cares so much
i care about him to but im done its not enough
i wonder about my mama, cos im a troubled child
i show her love but its only mild.
i look at my brother, he smiles.
i run upstairsto hide because im high once again
im running from the pain
my friends and family tell me i have so much to gain.
one's wise words tell me i should listen
my hearts the is beat and bloddy
still glisten's im eyes filled with the light as bright as the sun.
today is the day that i dont run.

Poem Title: Just
Grade: 10th

Do you mean it when you look at me with those eyes?
Who do you think I am to not love you?
What do you think I will do now?
I cannot just continue life without you
I could not possibly ever second guess my love, but could you?
People talk as though love is easy
Love is complicated, In our case hidden for some time
So many questions not answered
I can hear your ghost Lingering about here and there
Promise me you won't go
Promise me you will be in dreams I have nowhere to hide anymore
Can you listen to my thoughts?
Can you hear my heart beat for you?
Could you try at least?
Just for me

Poem Title: I Am The Trees
Written By: Christine
Grade: 7th

Flowing with the wind, not against the breeze Not very strong but plenty sturdy I grow tall over time Taking a while to inch my way up the sky Green leaves, thin trunk I stay in place Against all odds I stay together High above the roofs I stay flowing in the wind

Poem Title: Drama
Written By: Lauren
Grade: 10th

You say you hate all this Drama and Gossip. But you sure love, To cause it.
You can get mad, Angry and scream. Or fake your hurt feelings, Fleeing the scene.
You just love to cause a good fight, Screaming, yelling with all of your might.
But then later your fine, Making friends listen to you whine.
Yet you still talk behind their back, Because loyalty is something you mostly lack.
I'd like to give you another chance, But around me you only seem to laugh and prance.
Because when you lie, It has made quite a few people cry. Every time you gossip and cheat, Makes me feel like giving up. Defeat.
But then you come crawling back, Because loyalty is something you only, mostly, lack.

Poem Title: Alive
Written By:  Caroline
Grade: 10th

As I breathe in and then out inhaling the wonderful scent of spring and sun only to exhale with a deep sigh I realize how privileged I am to be alive.

Poem Title: Rain Dance
Written By:  Caroline
Grade: 10th

At first, it is just a h a z e in the distance.
But when she comes, she hits HARD and S T R O N G.
The storm has arrived, and with her has come the r a i n .
They ready their shoes and their song soon begins.
As they step out to the stage, the great audience of T h u n d e r begins to cheer but silence returns when they begin.
Starting slowly, it seems as if each drop has a s o l o .
One at a time, they c a l m l y come out.
But as time passes, they dance faster and faster, trying to keep up with the beat.
Each one creates an intricate move that plays a part in the bigger picture of a Rain Dance.
The song g r o w s louder and Louder until the audience cannot take the suspense any longer.
Thunder claps continuously, singing with the song of the dancers.
And when they slow down, the Thunder follows, eagerly waiting for the next dance.
Will it be a waltz? or Will it be a free dance?
Whatever it might be next time, not one will f o r g e t what they saw today— A Rain Dance.

Poem Title: How Could You?
Written By: Elizabeth
Grade: 10th

How could you be so mean?
How could you say those things?
How could you thing that I'd believe you?
How could you live life this way?
I wish I knew the answers to this things.
But how you could be the way you are is far beyond me.
So next time you talk to me I'll just turn my head.
Because the one thing I know is that you hate to be ignored.
Maybe that's why you're the way you are.
You always have to be the center of attention.
How could you be so selfish?
How could you think so highly of yourself?
The answers to this questions you yourself will never know.
Though you thing you do you have know idea who you really are.
You go around thing that your so cool.
But here's a shock you're really not.
How could you be so fooled.

Poem Title: He Doesn't
Written By: Amber
Grade: 8th

He doesn't mean it,
Everything he says,
Don't be afraid,
Open your eyes,
Every single time,
So many stupid mistakes,
No time to turn back,
Things arn't going to get better.

Poem Title: Butterfly
Written By: Amber
Grade: 8th

Big beautiful butterfly
Unlike any other
Though you have a broken wing
That doesn't mean anything
Even though you could not fly
Right up into the sky
Fighting your way upon the ground
Loving every little ladybug
You know you can not fly

Poem Title: Razor Blade
Written By: Tiffany
Grade: 9th

If you put me in a blender and blend me up all your'll find are Razor Blades and blood No Heart no nothing i feel no pain I only bleed when i cut Nobody knows why i cut it's an addiction i can not stop If people only knew that I have tried All I want is Razor Blades and nothing else The deeper i go the more i bleed With the pain thats ment for me I love Razor Blades and I don't know why But all i really want besides Razor Blades is your arms aroundme saying you love me and you dont want me to go ill say your will never loos me if you never let me go along with i want you to be mine forever and always

Poem Title: He Doesn't
Written By: Tiffany
Grade: 9th

He Dosen't need me Im no good for him why can't he see that I don't want him to feel bad when I say they he don't need to love me He's better then me and he can do better then me I hurt him more then I mean to and want to I don't want to hurt him at all He Dosen't understand ever time I hurt him it hurt's me to Evertime I cut he cut's and i don't want to do that to him He Dosen't derserve me like he say's he does I love him to much to hurt him like I do Espically when he cuts him self over me Im Sorry I put you down so much and all the time Im sorry you love someone like me and that i put my self down I Only do it so you'll reliaze you don't need me He dosen't know how much I care about him and how much he mean's to me If he ever let me go i would cry and go crazy Please dont let me go

Poem Title: The Race
Written by: Alex
Grade: 8th

I put on my socks
and then my shoes.
My shorts
and shirt
One leg back, now the other
lunge, jump.
These are my stretches.
I jog to the race.
The world is a quiet place.
The sun is just peaking as I take my spot.
Bang! There goes the gun.
I am off.
A mile seems short, but the three take forever.
I hear cheers.
As I turn the corner there it is.
The finish line.
I cross, pantingly wildly.
I drink my water
and go home.
I remove my number.
Take off my shirt
then my shorts.
Throw off my socks
and shoes.
And I jump into the cool shower.

Poem Title: Water Skiing
Written by: Tommy
Grade: 8th

In the water,
behind the boat,
with the rope,
on the water,
outside the wake,
inside the wake,
around the lake,
until I'm tired.
Over a wave,
into the water,
into the boat,
around to the house,
outside eating a sandwich,
Then I go to the dock to water ski all over again.

Poem Title: Perfection
Written by: Chris
Grade: 8th

The center of the field, where everything begins.
First forward then backward.
Working the ball to everybody.
Everything has to be flawless or nothing works.
Every pass perfect.
Every ball of a foot.
One mistake and you turn the ball over.
One mistake and they have a chance.
One mistake could cost the game.
You have the ball.
You're down by the one.
It's just you and the goalie.
You have to take a precision shot.
You shoot and score.
You turn and sprint for your teammates.
You jump up high yelling.
You were perfect.

Poem Title: Shades of Green
Written by: Lexi
Grade: 8th

Dark emerald shines proudly,
A precious stone on a pendant.
Reminiscent of envy.
The birthstone of May,
I think of my mother.
Electric lime!
Encourages boundless energy.
The lime's favorite cousin.
Neon lights flash,
Brightening every room.
Soft mint lingers,
A ragged baby blanket in the closet.
Comfort and composure.
An ice cream flavor unappealing to me.
The smell my cat adores.
Shades of green,
Revive bountiful memories,
Significant to my being.
Recollections I hold,
So dear to my heart.

Poem Title: Gold
Written by: Kaitlyn
Grade: 8th

The glow echoing from a person's smile.
The evidence of first place and winning that long awaited trophy or medal.
The image when opening the buried treasure chest.
The glistening stars dancing in the midnight sky.
The pile of leaves in the yard on an autumn's day.
The sunrise over the horizon.
The shimmer of a wedding ring representing promises
The melodious notes from a harp.
Gold, the color of warmth, beauty, and love.

Poem Title: Red
Written by: Alex
Grade: 8th

Red is the color of fire,
and of Ferrari's.
Both are fast,
both are dangerous.
Red is the color of help,
of firefighters and the Red Cross,
and volunteers risking their lives
to help people in harm's way.
Red is apples and strawberries,
tomatoes and cherries.
Many delicious fruits
are the tempting color red.
Red is the color of blood,
which represents two opposite things.
Blood is the source of life, but it can also be a symbol of death.

Poem Title: My Home Away from Home
Written by: Sabrina
Grade: 7th

Island Campground.
it was my home awaay from home.
Being so young,
Everything was pleasurable.
I was most enthused by
zooming around the mississippi
either on the boat or jet skis.
The waves seemed to be so
enormous and electrifying.
On the swing with my friends
I would clide back and forth,
the breese in my hair.
That feeing, as with many others
was genuine.
The most extrordanary of all
was the chilled water grasping me
I would jump into the water with a splash.
I would feel a refreshing
blast threw my body.
Island campgrond.
It was my home away from home.
Being so young,

Poem Title: Thirteen
Written by: Madeline
Grade: 7th

Turning 13 tomorrow. What should I worry about?
Should I be happy or
Should I be scared?
Turning 13 tomorrow.
More friends to go to the movies and laugh with.
To have sleepovers and stay up all night with.
To go shopping with.
Tuning 13 tomorrow.
Going into junior high.
Peer pressure, assignments,
Classes, and homework.
Turning 13 tomorrow.
What should i worry about?
Should I be happy or
Should I be scared?

Poem Title: My First Airplane Ride
Written by: Renee
Grade: 7th 

I was about ten years old,
And my mom, dad, and I
Were about to hop on the plane
And take off!
It was my first airplane ride!
How scared?
Enough to start crying.
Thought of 9/11 stuck like
Gum in my brain.
What if the plane crashes?
What will we do?
My feet then were on the plane,
Not alone, but with a sense of security.
Ever since, I've loved airplane rides!

Poem Title: Moving
Written by: Alex
Grade: 7th 

Even though I was only four, it still hurt to know I would walk out the
door and never live in that home again.
It held very special memories, like my first birthday and my first word
Why did I have to leave these memories behind?
Even though the friends I usually played with were boys, I was fine with that.
I would love to go to their homes and play.
But then it was time to leave.
Why did I have to leave these friends behind?
And even though we drive by the house from time to time, it breaks my heart to
see that house all torn up and weeds towering over the plants.
Why did the new owners have to hide the memories? 

Poem Title: Wolf
Written by: Stephen
Grade: 7th

On the edge
Of the forest
Near the river
In a cave
Upon the floor
Behind the mother
Beyond their predators
Beyond the river is the foe, hoping to catch their daily prey.

Poem Title: Yellow
Written by: Pedro
Grade: 7th

Yellow is the color of happiness in the globe.
Yellow is the color of the big, illuminating sun.
Yellow is for the sunflowers.
Yellow is the feeling that gives you a good time.
Yellow represents all the superior things in life.
Yellow is a color that will forevermore exist and keep showing us the peace of the world.
Yellow will also be a color of the heavens when you die.
Yellow is the dye that gives out the beautiful scene on the horizon at sunrise or dusk.

Poem Title: I See I See the Sun
Written by: Maria
Grade: 7th

Across the river,
Above the trees,
Over the hills,
Through the mountains,
Above our heads,
Beyond horizons,
In the heavens
During the day,
Among the stars,
Out my window, I see I see the sun.

Poem Title: My Second Grade Year
Written by: Taylor
Grade: 7th

My second grade year was awesome.
No homework was the greatest.
I felt like I could do anything.
I felt free to just do whatever i wanted.
Back talking to teachers, not doing any homework.
Playing games endlessly on the computer.
That was when all I did was have fun,
And today I envy eight-year-olds.

Poem Title: Sailing
Written by: Claire
Grade: 7th 

Past the beach,
Over the sea,
Beyond reach,
For the one,
Of my dreams,
Far from here,
Through the sea,
Against the waves,
Within reach,
On the sand,
Of the beach,
Here am I,
Here is he,
With each other, now we sail.

Poem Title: The Everlasting Snow Globe
Written by: Dallas
Grade: 7th

Beneath the snowfall,
On the sidewalk,
To the driveway,
Through the door,
Up the stairs,
Around the corner,
Into my room,
By my bed,
On the shelf
With multiple books,
By a snow globe,
With the scene,
Of the snowfall,
On the sidewalk,
To the driveway,
Through the door,
Up the stairs,
Around the corner,
Into a room,
Next to a bed,
On a shelf,
With multiple books,
By a snow globe,
With the scene,
Of a snowfall,
In my snow globe, life goes on....forever.

Poem Title: Sledding
Written by: Hannah
Grade: 7th

In the car,
On the road,
Out of the van'
At the top,
Of the hill,
With the sleds,
In the toboggan,
Down the hill,
Past a tree,
Over a bump,
Through a snowdrift,
Off the sled,
On the hill,
At the top,
With a smile, we do it all over again. 

Poem Title: Shopping
Written by: Taylor
Grade: 7th

On a Saturday,
At the mall,
With my sister,
Up the stairs,
In the store,
Around the rock,
Through the door,
Into the dressing room,
Out of the dressing room,
In the line,
At the register,
With the new clothes,
On my way,
From store to store,
For more clothes,
Around the mall, having a great day while shopping. 

Poem Title: My birthday
Written by: Jack
Grade: 7th

Turning twelve
A year older and
A new grade
Lots of presents and cards
A party and white cake
Twelve bright candles
A new bike
Red, black, and silver
A daisy pellet gun with a scope

Poem Title: Growing Up
Written by: Stephen
Grade: 7th

Living in Fort Dodge
I grew up with Taylor
Swimming in the back yard pool.
Yelling 'Marco Polo' and playing Shark.
A new job for Dad relocates me to Cedar Falls
and I leave my friends behind.
Seventh grade at St.Pat's now.
A new home, a new pool
Hoping to make new friends
And learn new games
Starting over at 12
But staying for a while.
I'm beginning to like it here.

Poem Title: The Soccer Game
Written by: Alex
Grade: 7th

Before the end,
Of the quarter,
Against time,
Across the field,
Along the sidelines,
Toward the goal,
Past the defender,
With thirty seconds,
Until the whistle,
Around the last defender,
Toward the goalie,
Outside my reach,
Into the net,
With my goal, we win the game.

Poem Title: Soccer
Written by: Madeline
Grade: 7th

Outside my house,
In my car,
On the road,
Under the street light,
Across the highway,
Inside the parking lot,
Toward the soccer field,
In the defense position,
Around the first forward,
Beyond the midfielders,
Past the defenders,
Inside the goal box,
Beyond the goalie,
Without a pause, I shoot and score.

Poem Title: To the Classroom
Written by: Renee
Grade: 7th

From my house,
With my backpack,
In the car,
Along the street,
In front of the school,
Out of the car,
Up the sidewalk,
Through the door,
Into the hallway,
Past the office,
Toward the classroom,
Through another door,
Into the classroom,
By my classmates,
To my chair,
At my desk,
With my bag...I unpack for the day.

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