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Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library
Minutes of the Annual Meeting
April 23, 2019

Liquid beverages were served before president, Sue Doody, welcomed the group of 36 to the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Library. The first order of business was the reading of the minutes of the 2018 Annual Meeting by secretary, Nancie Handorf. Amy Frohardt-Schafer moved that the minutes be accepted as read, and Steve Palmquist seconded the motion. There was unanimous approval.

Sue introduced the nominees for new board members and each nominee gave a brief introduction. The nominees were Vicki Edelnant, Sheryl McGovern, and Sara Lair. Cynthia Kenyon moved and David Walker seconded the motion that the nominees be accepted as new board members. There was unanimous approval.

Sue recognized the library volunteers and thanked them for their service. Linda Meier, Book Nook volunteer was introduced, and those unable to attend, Doris Mitchell who helps with membership, Bonnie Stetler who acts as a financial advisor and prepares income taxes, and other Book Nook volunteers, Marilyn Nesvick, and Alice Meyer were also thanked.

Sue read the mission statement of the Friends of the Library and reminded us of our function to support, enable and enhance the library staff. She reviewed the duties of our program committees:
Communication and Advocacy keeps channel 15 apprised of library activities, keeps the visitor’s center stocked with library materials, and keeps us involved with Community Mainstreet.
Literacy Promotion works with Kindergarten Roundup, the Cedar Valley Youth Reads, and the literacy efforts in the 7 Cedar Falls elementary schools.
Social and Staff Appreciation provides a luncheon and occasional treats for the staff, a city council breakfast, and the set-up and treats for our annual staff meeting.
Book Nook involves about 40 volunteers and is projected to bring in about $34,500 in 2019-20.

Sue then introduced Kelly Stern, our new library director, who talked to us about “What’s Next at the Cedar Falls Public Library.” She told us about the new Col-Lab with it’s equipment and classes, the maker space, Fortepan, and the many ways the library works with community organizations. The library differs from many organizations in that it works with people throughout their entire life.

After Kelly’s presentation, the meeting was adjourned and the group retired to the buffet table for refreshments and then to the new Co-Lab for those interested in tours.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancie Handorf, Secretary

Send an email to or call (319)  859-3286 with any questions or for more information.