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Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library
Minutes of the Annual Meeting
April 22, 2017

President, Maelou Baxter, welcomed everyone to the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Library.

Our speaker for the morning, Kelly Stern, Youth Services Director, gave an interesting Power Point presentation entitled “Library Update: Build a Better World” on behalf of Sheryl McGovern, Library Director, about the state of the Library.  Among the statistics she shared were the following exciting examples of the continued strength and growth of our Library:  over 581,000 total “check-outs” for the year, 38,600 regular users, 596 events (some sponsored by the Friends) with 22,442 attendees, and 114 volunteers totaling 4,156 volunteer hours.  Kelly said that no other libraries that she encounters have such a helpful, enthusiastic, and supportive Friends organization.  She mentioned that the Library has been painted, and that new furniture is in the plans.  Library staff are also working on enhancing the non-traditional collection, making the Co-Lab (maker space) a reality, and increasing service to underserved populations through programs like the mobile story times Kelly will be hosting in North Cedar this summer.

Following Kelly’s presentation, Maelou called the formal meeting to order, and introduced Friends of the Library Board members and Library Trustees Board members.

Diane Schupbach read the minutes of the April 23, 2016 meeting. Deon Senchina moved that the minutes be accepted, and Mary Bozik seconded the motion with unanimous approval.

Retiring Friends of the Library Board members, Janet Kahler, Deon Senchina, and Janice Smuck were recognized and thanked for their service.  A book will be donated to the Library in each of their names.

Election of Board members followed, and Judy Beckman, Amy Frohardt-Schafer, Nancie Handorf, and Cynthia Kenyon were re-elected to the Board.  Donna Jordan and Kay Thuesen were elected as new Board members.

Maelou gave her President’s Report to the Membership.

Diane Schupbach introduced Doris Mitchell to the gathering.  Doris will be taking over management of the Membership database and Membership correspondence as of April.

Rosemary Beach, long-time friend of the library, game a short presentation about the Cedar Falls Authors’ Festival that will begin in May.  It is to be a year-long festival with programs and workshops that celebrate nationally-known authors from Cedar Falls.

Announcements included the fact that the annual report will be out soon, and that there were membership brochures on each table that could be taken home to be shared with friends.

Maelou extended a thank you to all who attended and to those who had provided salads and decorations for the luncheon. The meeting was adjourned at 12:25, with the delicious salad luncheon following.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Schupbach, Secretary

Send an email to or call (319)  859-3286 with any questions or for more information.