Annual Meeting

The Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library 

Minutes of the Annual Meeting 

April 19, 2022 

The 2022 Annual Meeting was called to order by President Kay Thuesen in the CFPL Conference Room at 4:35 p.m. Members of the Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library were welcomed with food and drink, a trivia quiz, and a new bookmark. This meeting marks the beginning of a year-long celebration of the Friends’ inception in 1982, our 40th anniversary. A new logo was designed as part of our celebration and President Kay presented it to the assembly. Forty-five Friends members were in attendance. Also in attendance were Library Board Trustee, Reg Green, Cedar Falls Mayor, Rob Green, and 4 founding members of the first Friends Board—Joanne Plantan Reeves, Karen Zwanziger, Patricia Van Hauen, and Rosemary Beach. 

The minutes of the 2021 annual meeting were read by Secretary Anne Hoekstra and approved. (Steve Palmquist/Sara Lair) 

Changes to the by-laws were presented by President Kay, consisting primarily of editorial changes, and were accepted by unanimous vote. (Amy Frohardt-Schafer/Sara Lair) 

Margaret Empie presented a slate of 8 nominations for the Friends’ board for a 3 year tenure. She introduced each candidate with a short bio: Peggy Dandy, Mike Dargan, Hannah Goebel, Kim Hanna, Abby Hendrickson, Miriam Ohrt, Leandra Sunseri, and Lou Weber. Sue Doody moved this slate be accepted as presented; motion carried. They were welcomed with a round of applause. Those leaving the board--Carol Brown (10 year member), Anne Hoekstra, Sara Lair (6 year member), Nick Nenow, Steve Palmquist, Subha Sundharram, and liaison from the Trustees Cindy Snell were thanked for their service. 

Mayor Rob Green commended the Friends of the Cedar Falls Library for their service to the community. He made a public proclamation promoting the library last fall. He is a Library Science graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He and his family are frequent patrons of our Library since their move to Cedar Falls in 2004. He stated that the mayor’s office is happy to support the library in whatever way it can. 

President Kay recognized the many volunteers who contribute to the Friends. Book Nook coordinators-- Alice Meyer, Diane Thiessen, and Linda Meier, work alongside 45 volunteers who sort, organize, and sell used books, earning over $33,000 for the Friends this past fiscal year. President Kay thanked Doris Mitchell for her work with our membership database, and Bonnie Stetler for her assistance with finances and income taxes. Book group leaders of the two Friends’ Book Groups, Barb Sanders, and Barb and Larry Cardamon were also thanked for their contributions. 

Library Director, Kelly Stern, presented a report and update of programming and usage of the library. Covid limitations and shut-downs affected overall library usage with a 67% drop in door count and a 27%

drop in circulation. It is uncertain whether patrons’ behavior will permanently change but usage continues to rebound. Stern reviewed ways the library is addressing its goals for Accessibility, Community, Diversity & Inclusion, Intellectual Freedom, and Discovery, Education & Learning. She thanked the Friends for all they do to support the Cedar Falls Public Library. She also outlined several recent and upcoming projects: Book Bike for Outreach, Branding the Library, Browsing Bins in the Youth Department, New Partnerships, Continued Accessibility Enhancements, and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library for Black Hawk County. 

President Kay recognized four of the original founding board members in attendance. Board member, Sheryl McGovern, shared information about several events planned in celebration of the Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library’s 40th anniversary, including the new logo already mentioned. Social media outlets have been enhanced (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), thanks to the work of Hannah Goebel. Facebook followers have grown from 70 to 400 currently. A display in the library is dedicated to the 40th anniversary. Five books popular in 1982 have been chosen for 40th anniversary book clubs that will meet throughout this anniversary year. Friends will assist with SummerFest on June 7. Membership in Friends is being promoted by encouraging new members to join at a $40 minimum level. Renewing members are asked to renew with an additional $40 above their usual contribution. In return, participants will receive a $5 gift certificate that can be used in the Book Nook, and their names will be listed in the 2022-2023 Annual Report. Attendees viewed a newly produced video by Eric Braley showing the different ways the Friends benefit the library. It will be shared in a variety of settings throughout the year. 

The meeting was adjourned at 5:35. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Anne Hoekstra, Secretary

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