3D Print Job Submission

Complete the Form Below to Submit a Print Job

3D print jobs are subject to Cedar Falls Public Library's >3-D Printer Policy and can only be submitted by those who agree to the policy in full.

  • Printing costs $0.15 per gram of filament used, rounded up to the next whole number, or $0.02 per minute of print time if grams cannot be determined.
  • Library staff cannot alter print jobs; jobs will be printed as they are received in the 3D Print Job Submission form.
  • Files may be submitted either via a link OR attached to the form below, where noted.
  • Attached files must be in .stl format that cannot exceed 24MB.
  • For jobs with multiple files, please submit a new form for each file and label the job as "part 2, part 3" etc. to indicate the files belong together.
  • Provide detailed instructions for library staff if appropriate, especially when sending files via link.
  • Patrons must pay for their print jobs at the First Floor Service Desk before removing them from the library.
  • Library staff will give patrons an estimate of turnaround after their print job has been approved for printing.

Please send an email to reference@cedarfallslibrary.org if you have issues with this form. Thank you.

3D Print Submission Form

Max. file size: 24 MB.
Submit another form to send additional files for the same job.

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