Youth Services for Teachers

Teacher Cards

Teacher Cards are issued to teachers who live or work in Black Hawk County. Teacher cards are kept at the youth department service desk and allow for a six-week checkout (with no renewals) of books for your classroom.  If you need an extra day or two because a unit runs long, please call the youth desk at 319-859-3282 to ask for an extension of your due date. Holiday books, which have a one-week checkout period, do not have an extended loan period on a teacher card, so please be sure to examine your due date sheets carefully. Also, videos may not be checkout out on a Teacher Card; they must be checked out on a personal patron card

While we understand that many school libraries do not have due dates or replacement charges for materials checked out to teachers, at the public library, we are not able to do that, as we serve teachers from all of the area schools who often want the same materials at the same time. Please be aware that our library software automatically generates overdue notices, assesses overdue fines, and adds replacement fees for long-overdue materials. Upon the return of the materials, overdue fines will be voided. In order to keep your teacher card in good standing, please observe due dates, and in the event that an item on your teacher card is lost, please contact the youth librarian as soon as possible to make arrangements for either an extension period to look for the item or to pay the replacement cost. Teachers, like all other library patrons, are responsible for all items checked out on their cards and for fees resulting for overdue or lost items.

Teacher Units

Teachers in Black Hawk County have the opportunity to request books as “teacher units” from the Cedar Falls Public Library.  The Youth Department accepts topical requests and selects appropriate books from the collection.  Teachers also may also request specific titles from our collection.

Requests for seasonal and/or holiday subjects — e.g., back-to-school, fall, leaves, snow, Thanksgiving, St. Valentine’s Day, spring, etc. — may be limited in size, due to high levels of demand for such items.  We want to make books available to as many patrons as possible!

Teachers outside of the Cedar Falls Community School District will need to pick up and return their units at the library.  For Cedar Falls Community Schools teachers, units may be sent and returned on the school van. The van makes daily deliveries to the schools during the school year.

Teacher units in progress are often on the youth department’s counter near the desk. If there is no due date sheet tucked into the top book, the books are not yet checked out to you. Please ask for your card and check them out before taking them.

For more information about Teacher Units contact the Youth Department by phone at (319) 859-3282 or by emailing us at

Click here to submit your Youth Teacher Unit request online

Click here to submit your Teen Teacher Unit Request. 

Please allow at least 5 working days from date of request to date of delivery.

Book Discussion Kits

Book discussion kits are available for checkout to teachers on teacher unit cards. Please request kits at least one week in advance. If a kit is returned with a missing book(s), the cost of the book will be added to the teacher card. If the book is later found, please return it as soon as possible so that the charge can be removed from the card and the kit can go back into circulation. For more information contact us at or call the Youth Department at (319) 859-3282.

For teachers in the Cedar Falls Community Schools, kits may be sent and returned on the school van.  For other Black Hawk County teachers, kits must be picked up and returned to the library.

CFPL Youth Book Discussion Kits Rev. August 2021. Updates currently in process. 


Field Trips 

Come visit us! Browse our collection, signup for library cards, enjoy storytime and a craft, receive a tour of the library, and more! Contact us today to schedule a visit and craft a field trip that your students won’t stop talking about.

School Visits

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the library, so let us come to you! Cedar Falls Public Library offers the following outreach opportunities for classrooms or youth groups:

Literacy Nights: Let us join you for your school’s literacy night! Depending on event details, we would bring library card registration forms, activity sheets, bookmarks, and possibly bagged crafts or books to give away.

Storytime: Geared toward preschool and elementary-aged children. Invite us to your classroom for storytime! We will select age-appropriate books that supplement your current unit and provide an entertaining, educational, and memorable experience for your students. When creating storytimes, we consider not only the theme, but we incorporate 5 simple things that will help children succeed: Singing, Talking, Reading, Writing, and Playing. Learn more about how we use the Every Child Ready to Read Initiative in our storytimes.

Information Literacy and Research Skills: The library can be intimidating, and the vast amount of information on the Internet can also be intimidating. Our Youth Librarian would love to teach your students how to navigate the public library’s website and databases and conduct basic research. Contact Rebekah at or 319-268-5546 to learn more about this service.

For more information about these services contact us at or call the Youth Department at (319) 859-3282.

Traveling Tales

Our Traveling Tales program is essentially storytime in a box. Each box has a theme, such as Owls, and contains ten books and a few simple activities. A team of volunteers helps select which boxes go to the daycares and preschools signed up to participate. Please email either or for more information or call the youth department at 319-859-3282.


Professional Development Resources

Learning for Justice

The Social Justice Standards are a road map for anti-bias education at every stage of K–12 instruction. Comprised of anchor standards and age-appropriate learning outcomes, the Standards provide a common language and organizational structure educators can use to guide curriculum development and make schools more just and equitable. Learn more on their website.

Preventing Youth Radicalization: Building Resilient, Inclusive Communities

SPLC and the Polarization and Extremism Research and Innovation Lab (PERIL) are committed to providing resources to the people building community resilience against extremism and for a more just and inclusive society. The following resources are intended to provide community- and victim-centered strategies to address the threat of extremism, through early prevention and non-carceral solutions. The primary resource, A Parents & Caregivers Guide to Online Youth Radicalization, lays a foundation for understanding the nature of extremism, dynamics of radicalization, and steps you can take to prevent them from taking root in your community. Learn more here and check out the Educator’s supplement here

Project Ready

Project Ready is a series of free, online professional development modules for school and public youth services librarians, library administrators, and others interested in improving their knowledge about race and racism, racial equity, and culturally sustaining pedagogy. The primary focus of the Project READY curriculum is on improving relationships with, services to, and resources for youth of color and Native youth. 

Roadmap to Educating for American Democracy

The Roadmap to Educating for American Democracy is an inquiry-based content framework for excellence in history and civics for all learners that is organized by major themes and questions, supported by key concepts. It is vertically spiraled across four grade bands (K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12), and offers a vision for the integration of history and civic education throughout grades K–12. It was “created by more than 300 experts, including academics, historians, political scientists, K12 educators, administrators, students, and others” (School Library Journal).

Social Justice and Equity in Education Series

The Social Justice and Equity in Education is a professional development series focusing on social justice issues and equity in education. Webinars will be hosted up to twice each month and will be delivered by local and national leaders in equity with a proven background in diversity, multiculturalism and racial consciousness. Learn more about this series when you visit the Iowa Department of Education websiteCurrently unavailable.