Fall 2019 Youth Programs

>Youth Fall Programming Flyer

Special Programming

Jr. Tailgate
September 27 at 4:15-5:30pm
Get your kids ready for the big game by coming to the library for an indoor tailgate. There will be snacks, games, and a football movie to watch (The Little Giants)!

Harvest Party at UnityPoint
October 8 at 4:30-6:00pm
Join us at UnityPoint as we celebrate Autumn and the end of the growing season. The library will provide a storytime and there will also be food to sample. This summer, kids attended the program Get Growing, which taught them about gardening, fruits and vegetables, healthy eating, and cooking. UnityPoint is a great resource to learn about how to become more healthy and to learn better habits–and the library has some great gardening and cookbooks to checkout!

Pumpkin Painting
October 17th at 4:00pm
Get in the Halloween mood by joining us at the library! We’ll be painting and decorating pumpkins!

Spooky Storytime
October 29 from 6:00pm-8:00pm
Spooky Storytime will have two sessions. From 6:00 p.m.-7 p.m., younger kids can cuddle together for a spooky storytime along with some snacks and games. Registration is required. <Register here. 

​​​​​​​However, if your child is over 8 and likes scary stories, we will have A Very Scary Storytime for them from 7-8, which will be registration free.

Fairy Tale Engineering
November 16th  at 2:30pm
Like to solve puzzles or build things? Join us for Fairy Tale Engineering where we take on Fairy Tales’s most difficult challenges! We will use recycled building materials to solve problems, like making a house the Big Bad Wolf can blow down.  For kids grade 3-6.

Frozen Sing-Along
November 18th at 5:30pm
Get ready for Frozen 2 with us by joining us for a Frozen Party. We’ll have crafts, activities, and the soundtrack playing, so we can sing along! Snacks will be provided. *Disney has put a moratorium on all Frozen related titles, so we cannot show the first movie.

Stars Wars Celebration–Last Jedi Movie Showing
December 2 at 5:00pm
At 5, we’ll begin our celebration with fun crafts and activities. *Disney has put a moratorium on all Star Wars related titles, so we cannot show Star Wars: the Last Jedi.

AFter School Programs

Word Wizards: Back to School
Celebrate the return of the school year at Word Wizards! Chat about what you’re excited for (or not) this school year, then enjoy school themed writing prompts as well as prompts from the Baffle Bottle. What’s a Baffle Bottle? Come to Word Wizards at 3 PM on September 11 to find out! Writers K-6 of all levels of experience are welcome.

Word Wizards: Fantasy Writing
Do you love Rowling, Tolkein, and Lewis? Have you ever dreamed of your own hobbit hole? Are you working on the next fantasy epic? Or have you never read a fantasy story at all? Regardless of your experience with the fantastic, mysterious, and magical, join Word Wizards September 18 at 3PM to try your hand at writing fantasy stories! Writers K-6 of all levels of experience welcome. 

Pokemon Party
Come enjoy Pokemon in any of its many forms! Participants are invited to bring their Pokemon cards, video games, or books to the party. There will be pokemon coloring sheets, snacks, and good times as we discuss all things Pokemon! Pokemon beginners and masters K-6 are invited October 9 at 3 PM. 

Minute To Win It
How many cups can you stack in a minute? Can you separate skittles by color without using your hands? Come claim your status as Minute Master on November 13 at 3 PM by beating challenges made with household objects. K-6. 

Lego Secret Zoo
Your mission: make a zoo enclosure for a lego animal. The challenge: your friends have to guess the animal without you telling them! Participants will have time to design their own mini-enclosure, then will submit them for guessing. Can you make the perfect Lego Secret Zoo? There’s only one way to find out! Builders K-6 of all skill levels are welcome December 11.

Tween Programs

Cupcake Decoration:
Kick off Tween Time’s Fall Season with fun, friends, and cupcakes! Join us September 4 at 3 PM as we design delicious book-themed cupcakes and discuss being back at school. Cupcakes and toppings may include peanuts. For 4th-6th graders. Maximum 10 participants. Registration required.

Papercrafts Party:
How many things can you make out of paper? Turns out the answer is a lot! Join us September 25 at 3 PM as we explore all kinds of paper-based crafts. There will be time to experiment with cootie catchers, paper-tube cars, soda-straw-rockets and more. We’ll close with a paper airplane making challenge. For 4th-6th graders. Snacks provided, no registration necessary.

Boat Building:
What makes a boat float? Is it magic? Science? Hard work and determination? Find out at Tween Time as we try to make a seaworthy vessel out of household materials like tinfoil and pipe cleaners. Learn about buoyancy and enjoy some snacks October 2 at 3 PM. For 4th-6th graders. No registration necessary.

Repurposing Books:
What do you do with a book that’s had too much love? Bring your tattered and worn out books (or borrow one of ours) and find new ways to appreciate them. We’ll make buttons, bookmarks, collages and more out of old books October 23 at 3PM. For 4th-6th graders. Snack provided, no registration necessary.

No-Bake Snacks:
No oven? No problem! Our baking knows no bounds at Tween Time, where we will make delicious snacks — no oven mitts (or kitchen experience) required. Join us November 6 at 3PM to make and share some delicious snacks. Peanut-free options will be provided. For 4th – 6th graders. No registration required. 

Hot Chocolate and Holiday Reads:
Stay warm and cozy at Tween Time while we make hot chocolate and talk about our favorite holiday books! Enjoy hot chocolate with peppermint, oreos, and more on November 27 at 3PM as we get ready for the holiday season. For 4th-6th graders. No registration required.

Gift-Wrapping Workshop:
Have the perfect present but not sure how to wrap it? Tween Time has you covered! Learn some gift wrapping basics and personalize your presents with homemade gift tags on December 3 at 3 PM. Boxes and wrapping paper will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. Snacks provided. For 4th-6th graders. No registration required.  

Reading Pals

Reading Pals is a program that allows primary-grade students (grades kindergarten-3rd grade) the opportunity to develop reading fluency by practicing reading to a dog from the Cedar Valley Pet Pals organization.  Six (6) fifteen-minute reading slots are available at each session–two each at 4:15, 4:35, and 4:55 on the first and third Thursdays of the month in the upstairs meeting room.  Pre-registration is required at the youth desk or by calling 319-859-3282, and students who register must practice, in advance, the books they plan to read to their canine Reading Pal.  If you have questions, please stop by or call the youth department at 319-859-3282.