Library of Things





Check out our nontraditional collection of instruments, technology, gardening tools, and more! All Library of Things can be borrowed for 2 weeks, with renewals if no one is on hold for it. Please return these items inside at the Service Desk. All items can be placed on hold.


$5 per day late fee will be applied if an instrument is returned late. Musical Instruments are excluded from CFPL’s Fine-Free initiative. Only one instrument can be checked out per card.

  • Banjo (5-string resonator banjo, strap, finger picks, tuner, case)
  • Bongo Cajon  (nontraditional set of bongos)
  • Bongos
  • ¾ Size Guitar  (3/4 size classical guitar, strap, picks, tuner, case)
  • Full Size Guitar  (full size classical guitar, strap, picks, tuner, case)
  • Keyboard (61-key keyboard, stand, music rest, foot pedal, power adapter, headphones, instructional manual)
  • Ukulele  (ukulele, tuner, case)


$5 per day late fee will be applied to GoPro Cameras and Mobile WiFi Hotspots if they are returned late. GoPro Cameras and Mobile WiFi Hotspots are excluded from CFPL’s Fine-Free initiative. Technology items can only be checked out to Adult cards.

  • GoPro Camera (GoPro camera, charging cable, micro SD card, 3-way mount, head strap, hat clip, handlebar mount, case)
  • Mobile Wifi Hotspot – Get wireless internet anywhere. Can connect up to 10 devices to a hotspot. (Hotspot, charging cable)
  • Floppy Disk Drive– Access files from 3 1/2” floppy disks. Works on most computer operating systems. Just plug into any USB port on a computer and it is ready to go!
  • CD/DVD Disc Drive– Access files, listen to music, watch movies, install software from CD or DVD discs. Can also burn onto CD or DVD discs. Works on most computer operating systems. Just plug into any USB port on a computer and it is ready to go!
  • Radon Detector– Portable, battery-operated, digital radon detector. Shows long and short term monitoring. See the first indication of your radon levels with 24 hours. Easy to use.
  • Electricity Usage Monitor– Measure an appliance’s electrical consumption and calculate your home’s cumulative electrical expenses. Easy to read LCD screen, easy to use, and displays 8 units of measurement.
  • Thermal Leak Detector- Use the thermal leak detector to discover hot and cold areas around the house. Easy to set up and use. Can also be used to check the temperature of surfaces you can’t touch.
  • CD Player– Boombox style CD player with cassette player and AM/FM radio. Includes a headphone jack for private listening.
  • Portable Turntable– Three-speed (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM) turntable to play all of your favorite records. Portable suitcase design with built-in speakers. Includes Bluetooth capabilities, as well as a headphone jack.
  • Bird Song Identifier– Helps you to learn each distinctive bird songs for over 40 birds. Small, lightweight device that you can take with you. Includes a headphone jack.


Canning Kit:  (21-quart canning pot with a lid, 7-jar rack, 9 inch colander, funnel, tongs, lid wrench, magnetic lid lifter, bubble remover/ruler)

Gardening Tools: Up to 3 tools can be checked out per card.

  •  Adult tool belt with 4 hand tools
  • Child’s tool belt with 3 tools
  • Round point shovel
  • Bow rake
  • Yard rake
  • Spading fork
  • Garden hoe
  • Hedge shears

Electronics Repair Kit- A complete 32-piece precision tech kit for electronics repair. Comes with a precision screwdriver with magnetic head, 24 bits, fine tip tweezers, chain nose jaw pliers, spudger, mini pry bar, suction cup and magnetic bowl.

Bike Tool Set- Easily and safely tighten bolts. Comes with a mini ratchet, a magnetic tool bit extender, and 10 tool bits: 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, T25, T30, PH1, SL4.

Binoculars- Includes one set of binoculars with a neck strap, stored in a carrying case. Great for adults and children!

Community Journals– Check out one of our themed journal notebooks. Read entries written by other CFPL members and add your own handwritten entry if you wish. Voila! An interactive, analog social experience. Themes include: Holiday Memories, Pet Stories, Favorite Book Reviews, Favorite Movie Reviews, What I Learned in Quarantine, Fan Fiction, Original Poetry, School Memories, Funny Stories from My Childhood, Why I Love the Library.