Curbside Service

  • Curbside appointments fill up fast! Keep in mind you may not be able to schedule an appointment the day you call.
Follow the signs and park by the northwest door, facing Main Street.

Curbside Instructions

  1. Place Your Holds
    • You can use your >online library account to place holds, or give us a call at (319) 273-8643.
    • Important: Wait for your Library Hold Pick-Up Notice email or phone call from us before moving onto the next step. This may take 1-2 days, or up to 5 if the requested item is in quarantine.
  2. Schedule an Appointment
    • Please call us at (319) 273-8643 or email us at to schedule an appointment to pick up your items.
    • Appointments time slots vary week to week, but there are generally morning and afternoon times available Monday-Saturday.
    • Include your library card number in your email or have your library card number ready when you call.
    • Due to the high volume, we will have a limited number of appointments and you may not be able to make an appointment the same day you call.  Appointments are required for hold pickup and we will not make exceptions: if you do not have an appointment, we will not deliver your holds.
    • Since we are quarantining returned items for four days before they are available for check out, we will confirm what is available for you to pick up when making your appointment.
  3. Arrive On Time 
    • If you are in your car, follow the arrows and park in the designated area near the northwest door of the library. You may open your trunk at this time. Library staff will approach your car.
    • If you are on foot, wait near the table at the designated (northwest) entrance.
  4. Verify Your Identity
    • Show us your photo ID through your car window, leaving the window closed. If you have not yet opened your trunk, do so after we confirm your identity.
    • If you are on foot, hold up your photo ID for library staff to review, maintaining a distance of six feet.
  5. Item Delivery
    • Your items are already checked out to you!
    • For drive-up, after verifying your identity, items will be placed in your open trunk. At your request, we will place bagged items on the ground by your car for you to load.
    • If you are on foot, your items will be bagged and placed on a table for you to pick up.
  6. If you miss your appointment:
    • We will keep your items until the end of the day and contact you to reschedule.
    • If you miss a second appointment, your holds will be canceled so the items can move on to the next person waiting.

You can check the status of your holds on your >library account or call us at (319) 273-8643.

Thank you for your patience during this time! We are excited to begin serving our patrons again.