Book Nook

Donations are now accepted in the white bins located in the atrium! 

The Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library operate The Book Nook, located on the first floor just inside the entrance to the library.  Staffed by volunteers, a quality selection of used and almost new books is available at great prices.  All proceeds are used to enhance the library.  The Book Nook is supported primarily by donated materials.

Book Nook Hours

Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Fridays when the library is open.
Book Nook Phone Number: (319) 273-8667

List of Accepted Materials

Materials that are moldy, falling apart, or otherwise in no condition to sell should not be donated to the Book Nook. Please see recycling options listed at the bottom of this page. 

The Book Nook is happy to accept:

  • Hardcover books for all ages
  • Paperback books for all ages
  • Magazines published within the current calendar year*
  • Puzzles and games that are complete and in good condition

*The Book Nook will not accept donations of National Geographic due to the large volume of donations they receive of this title.

To make a donation to the Book Nook and the Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library, please click the Donate button below:

*Please note we have added 5% to donations to help offset service fees. You may use the “Other Amount” field if you wish to make a donation without 5% added, or if you’d like to make a donation in a different amount. Thank you!

Recycling Options

When all other options are exhausted, the best thing to do for old books is recycle them. As blasphemous as this may seem, it’s better for the environment (and library staff) to recycle books and other printed materials that are moldy or mildewed, damaged, or otherwise unusable.

Magazines and books (with the covers and binding removed) can be recycled at the >State Street Transfer Station 

Regular Book Nook Hours*

Monday 10:00-7:00
Wednesday 10:00-4:00
Friday 10:00-4:00
Saturday 10:00-4:00

*Please see above for current hours of operation.