3D Print Job Submission

Complete the Form Below to Submit a Print Job

NOTICE: We are currently experiencing some issues with our 3D printer, however, we are accepting print job submissions at this time. Print charges will be added to patron library accounts, which can be paid online. Print jobs can be picked up and paid for during >browsing hours, or >paid online and picked up via >curbside

3D print jobs are subject to Cedar Falls Public Library’s >3-D Printer Policy and can only be submitted by those who agree to the policy in full.

  • Printing costs $0.15 per gram of filament used, rounded up to the next whole number, or $0.02 per minute of print time if grams cannot be determined.
  • Library staff cannot alter print jobs; jobs will be printed as they are received in the 3D Print Job Submission form.
  • Files may be submitted either via a link OR attached to the form below, where noted.
  • Attached files must be in .stl format that cannot exceed 24MB.
  • For jobs with multiple files, please submit a new form for each file and label the job as “part 2, part 3” etc. to indicate the files belong together.
  • Provide detailed instructions for library staff if appropriate, especially when sending files via link.
  • Patrons must pay for their print jobs at the First Floor Service Desk before removing them from the library.
  • Library staff will give patrons an estimate of turnaround after their print job has been approved for printing.

Please send an email to reference@cedarfallslibrary.org if you have issues with this form. Thank you.



    For jobs with multiple files, please add "2, 3, 4" etc. after the title to indicate they belong to the same job.

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