Submissions Open!

Call for Submissions: Writers of the Cedar Valley Anthology Vol. III

Submission Window: August 1 – September 15, 2020
Email Submissions to: Erin Thompson at
Submission Length: 1 to 9,999 words. Submissions longer than 9,999 words will not be considered. Multiple submissions are allowed so long as the total words are 9,999 or below.
Genre: ANY genre (including poetry) will be considered, so long as it fits within the guidelines of the Writers of the Cedar Valley, below.
Compensation: There is no monetary compensation for submissions to this anthology. All accepted authors will receive one copy of the anthology and will be able to purchase additional copies at a discounted price.
Legalities: The author holds all original rights to their submissions and are free to submit elsewhere. Keep in mind that a piece published in the Writers of the Cedar Valley Anthology counts as a publication, which may impact the resale value and future of the submitted piece.
Timeframe and Publisher: The Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library will pay for all publication costs associated with printing. The tentative publication date for this anthology is late 2020 or early 2021.
Questions: Direct questions and queries to Erin Thompson at

Guidelines for submission:

Send an email to with your file(s) attached. In the body of your email, indicate where you’d like your submission(s) categorized: poetry, short story, essay, memoir, or other (specify). Also include a short (50-200 words) biography written in third person.
FILE TYPE: Please save your work as a Word doc (.doc, .docx) with the following
convention: Last Name First Name – Title. (ie: Thompson Erin – The Lost Cat)
FORMAT: Follow Standard Manuscript Format as closely as possible. Visit this site for more information and guidance: >
EDITS: Your work should be edited for grammar prior to submission. Make sure your work is as professional as possible.
STATEMENT ON GRAPHIC CONTENT: Graphic content will be considered, but it may be edited. This anthology will be published by the Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library and they hold the authority to approve the contents. Graphic content includes, but is not limited to: copious blood and/or bodily fluids, violence, sex, violent sex, “taboo” practices, anything considered “rated R” or “X-rated”, the use of explicit language, visceral imagery, psychologically disturbing etc.

>Click here for PDF of Call for Submissions